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Get your pupils talking with Oracy in Action

Introducing Oracy in Action 

Oracy in Action is a unique new programme consisting of three modules (available individually or as a package) which provides primary schools with a fully sequenced oracy curriculum. It contains lesson plans, resources, additional materials and guidance on delivery – everything you need to develop your students into confident, articulate communicators and active, empathetic listeners 

What does Oracy in Action cover?   

Oracy in Action, developed by and for teaching professionals, covers oracy skills development, from introducing core concepts (the four key elements of oracy; sentence starters; active listening) through to more advanced oracy skills applications through classroom debates and public speaking opportunities. 

Adaptive teaching and differentiation is included throughout, enabling teachers to customise the programme to their specific context and setting, and a range of activities and prompts are included for each lesson. We know that no one size fits all, so we are providing you with the framework and tools to make oracy work for you. 

We also provide ideas on how to use the oracy skills developed throughout the curriculum. For example, a balloon debate might encourage retrieval practice by asking students to think about the historical figures they have been studying to justify who should be kept in the balloon; or you may wish to use Point, Evidence, Explanation (PEE) to help them progress with mathematical reasoning.  

Oracy in Action includes links to the National Curriculum and wider education research in each lesson, making it easy for schools to select what best suits them. 

Why is oracy important? 

Oracy – speaking and listeningunderpins everything we do. While reading and writing are hugely important, it’s being able to speak that opens doors. If you can’t express yourself well, you can’t advocate for yourself or others and if you can’t make yourself heard, inevitably attainment, social skills and self-esteem suffer. Oracy in Action addresses all these issues at their root, developing the vital speaking and listening skills which help improve social mobility, support learning across the curriculum and ensure that children develop into well-rounded adults, able to make their voices heard.  

Ok, but does it work? 

Yes! We piloted Oracy in Action with a range of schools across the summer of 2022, and had some wonderful results: 

  • 100% of pilot teachers are likely or very likely to recommend Oracy in Action to another school seeking to improve its oracy provision 
  • Before Oracy in Action, 50% of pilot teachers felt ‘Somewhat confident’ about teaching oracy. Afterwards, 70% feel ‘Extremely confident’ about teaching oracy 
  • 100% of pilot teachers rate Oracy in Action as somewhat or very valuable upon their career development and growth 
  • 90% of pilot teachers agree/strongly agree that the programme did not entail a significant increase to their workload 
  • 90% believe that pupils have gained confidence in expressing themselves.

Oracy in Action lessons gave a structured approach to teaching oracy. It also broke oracy down into manageable steps, helping the children to understand what oracy is.

Oracy in Action Pilot teacher 

Teachers taking part in Oracy in Action praised the off-the-shelf scaffolding, the easy-to-follow structure that builds on the previous lesson in a logical and seamless fashion, and how pupils enjoyed the emphasis on vocabulary, confidence, and links to the wider curriculum. 

Oracy in Action brings about positive outcomes for all children, develops teachers’ professional understanding and confidence with the pedagogical approach, and is fun!   

Quality resources and ideas to share across the curriculum.

Oracy in Action Pilot teacher 

How to get started 

You can access Oracy in Action today! Provided via downloads which are available immediately upon purchase. Teaching Assistants are also welcome to use Oracy in Action – the clear, scaffolded lesson plans have been developed to be accessible to all education professionals, wherever they may be in their career. 

We also have CPD and further support available and we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch if you have any questions, and we hope you enjoy using Oracy in Action in your school.  

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