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Should homework be banned? Do smartphones encourage creativity? Your students are full of opinions - but are they confident in communicating them effectively to others?

Our fun, engaging workshops for both primary and secondary schools develop students' ability to do just that, helping them to think critically, build cohesive arguments, and improving their delivery, listening and response skills. Students are also introduced to the formats used in our renowned national debating and public speaking competitions which can open up opportunities for personal development, networking and travel.

As well as boosting students' self-esteem and competency in communication, debating and public speaking have also been found to impact positively on student attainment across the curriculum.

Get a feel for our DYV workshops by watching our DYV video.

Discovering your voice

Half-day workshops - three hours' public speaking or debate training for up to 24 participants, £300 + VAT

A half day workshop consists of 3 hours of public speaking or debating training for up to 24 participants. During the session, students will develop their speaking and listening skills, as well as working on their style and delivery. The session ends with a mini debate or public speaking display.

Full-day workshops - six hours' training for up to 24 participants culminating in a full debate or public speaking display, £400 + VAT

All workshops are delivered by our network of fully trained and experienced mentors.

If you're interested in booking a workshop or would like to speak to someone about Discover Your Voice, then fill in the enquiry form below or e-mail

We also work with teachers, delivering CPD training in single schools, or in groups of local schools. These sessions help teachers to incorporate debating and public speaking activities both within and outside the classroom environment.

You can request a CPD session using the same registration form below. Please do get in touch if you would like any further information.


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For further information about the programme, please take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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