30th Anniversary of ESU France

Monday 19 February 2018

30th Anniversary of ESU France

Words by Lucia Dumont, Vice President, ESU France

ESU France celebrated its 30th anniversary and the centenary of the ESU of the Commonwealth last February 8th, 9th and 10th 2018.

It was a festive occasion attended by 74 members from the four French branches, UK, USA, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Georgia and India, to mark the founding of the ESU in France, and to honour its founder and National Chairman, Beatrix de Montgermont Keil.

The festivities included a reception at the British Embassy in Paris hosted by Lord LLewelyn, British Ambassador, a guided tour of Le Palais du Luxembourg, cocktail and dinner at Le Sénat and a guided tour of Opera Garnier.

The celebrations were a manifestation of what the ESU stands for. They provided an excellent opportunity for all attendees to get to know each other better, build friendships and enjoy each other’s company. Sir Evelyn Wrench’s vision about individuals coming together, and strengthening the bonds of common, shared humanity, across the various peoples and nations of the world was expressed in the stimulating speeches delivered by the British Ambassador, Beatrix de Montgermont Keil, Lord Boateng, the guest of honour, Jane Easton, Lord Watson, Valerie Mitchell and Birte Pallesen.

ESU France warmly thanks those who came and helped to make this such an enjoyable and memorable occasion and giving hope for a bright future for our organisation.