Facebook to Host London Debating Mental Health Final

Friday 31 March 2017

On 11th April, social media giants Facebook will host the final of the London Debating Mental Health programme.

London Debating Mental Health is a new ESU partnership, which sees us team up with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and the Anna Freud Centre.

The programme aims to tackle mental health stigma by giving young people the confidence and skills to communicate their ideas and articulate their feelings effectively.

The programme consists of a 12-week-long custom-made training schedule, all leading up to a finals day which will take place at Facebook's London headquarters. Policymakers have been invited to attend the event so that they can experience firsthand the benefits of teaching debate and communication skills to these young people.

The programme’s sessions have been co-delivered by ESU Mentors and CAMHS participation workers who have received extra training from the Anna Freud Centre staff.

The motions for the final, which the participants chose themselves, are:

*    Young people who use Mental Health Services should elect representatives to advise government on MH policy

*    Celebrities have a responsibility to talk about their own mental health

*    Living in an online world means that there are more pressures than ever on young people’s mental health.

CAMHS Participation Officer and London Debating Mental Health programme lead, Laura Tyrell, said:

“Debating will give our young people the opportunity to learn to make their voices heard on the issues that really matter to them.

“Learning to debate is an excellent way to improve self-confidence, to learn how to organise your thoughts and, of course, it’s great fun and provides a unique opportunity to meet others.”

To find out more about the programme please visit https://debatingmh.wordpress.com/