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Our international ESUs, of which there are over 50, help us to deliver our educational programmes and organise community events across the globe, encouraging international understanding and cultural exchange through the use of the English language.

All International English-Speaking Unions operate autonomously from the English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth (England and Wales) and their activities are dependent on local requirements for not-for-profit organisations as well as speaking and listening skills. For example, in Malta, there are public speaking and debating academies, in Romania you’ll find English language summer schools and in the US, English language support for new arrivals.

The International ESUs are also guided by the legal constitution, charitable status and general aims of the English-Speaking Union. Coordination of international activity is managed through the ESU International Council, the Secretariat for which can be contacted at

To find out more about your International ESU, use the links provided below, or if you are interested in starting an ESU in your local area, please contact us at

The International Teacher Award recognises educational excellence and outreach in the field of oracy across the diverse ESU global network, and seeks to help recipients further the impact and awareness of their work in the field. Through this award, we aim to recognise, encourage and develop the work of international teachers who are generating social impact through the advancement of English oracy skills in their students. Candidates must have the support of their local ESU, and International ESUs are, in turn, invited to nominate teachers who teach children between the ages of 5 and 18. The winning candidate will receive up to £2,000 to put towards furthering their teaching practice, and the nominating ESU receives up to £500 to put towards their own charitable work. Please see the resources below for further information and details of how to apply.

DEADLINE EXTENSION: The deadline for applications is 31st October 2018.. Please contact your local ESU using the links above with any queries.

Notes for Applicants Application form

The International Council brings together all International ESUs from around the world, who meet once a year to discuss how they can collaborate to achieve their common goal of facilitating communication and cultural exchange.

It provides an opportunity to share best practice and to create partnerships to develop and deliver educational programmes which will equip young people with the speaking and listening skills necessary for them to achieve their goals and contribute to society.

The ESU International Public Speaking Competition (IPSC) is the largest and oldest programme of its kind. Each year, we welcome winners of national public speaking competitions from all over the world to take part in a series of cultural, social, and competitive events in London.

The participants, aged 16-20, have the opportunity to share ideas and make friends with people from all over the world and, of course, compete to be named the best young speaker in the world.

Find out about what happened in this year's competition in our news article here. You can also watch the live final here.


International Students, in over 50 countries are reached by our International Public Speaking Competition

World Schools Debating Championships

The ESU is proud to manage Team England and Team Wales in the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC), the most respected international English-language debating competition for students aged 14-19.

Founded in 1988, this two week tournament provides an opportunity to showcase the highest standard of secondary school debating across the globe.

Find out more about WSDC