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Home > News and views > Salisbury & Wiltshire Branch: Gap-year student report ‘Letter from Tela, Honduras’

Salisbury & Wiltshire Branch: Gap-year student report ‘Letter from Tela, Honduras’

Sam Roles is a gap-year student sponsored by the Salisbury & Wiltshire branch of the ESU.  

Letter from Tela, Honduras

I am writing this just before Easter 2019 so I am looking back over the last eight months.

Since I have been here, in Tela, Honduras, so much has happened! I have become a half-alright teacher! If I was to say one of my weaknesses it would be that I don’t get that bothered by some behaviour in class that perhaps I should be more pedantic about, especially the younger grade 3 class.  The teachers that scare the children seem to get the best out of the class, as pupils in this kind of environment seem to do the most work. But behaving like those teachers doesn’t suit my personality and I feel much more comfortable in the class when we are laughing together rather than me scaring them (or at least me trying to scare them). On the few occasions that I have had to be ‘angry’ I have had to hold in a laugh. I’m not sure why I find it funny – maybe I remind myself of some of my old teachers, or I think if my friends at home or I could see myself we would just laugh.  Anyway, I think my classes are good and I have a good relationship with the kids. 11th grade are ‘gutted’ that I won’t be attending their graduation (I will be away from Honduras at that time). But their invitation was kind and they claim they want me there as I am one of their favourite teachers – how nice.

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