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Michael Buerk joins Lincolnshire branch centenary dinner and helps raise £2000

Lincolnshire centenary dinner raises £2000 for local primary schools.

Frank Cottrell Boyce chairs debate for Primary school students

The Big Debate with Frank Cottrell Boyce

Acclaimed children’s author Frank Cottrell Boyce chaired a Big Debate for local schoolchildren organised by the ESU and The Week Junior.

ESU Lebanon - Voices to bring about change

ESU Lebanon’s Public Speaking Competition allows people, of all ages, to learn about and discuss human nature and the power of community.

Supernova in space to symbolise astrophysicist

'Finding the most distant galaxies in the universe’ - Ouse Valley branch welcome guest speaker to AGM

Professor of Astrophysics speaks at Bedfordshire branch AGM.

The Learning Science of Debating

This blog explores some recent findings from cognitive psychology and explains clearly how these can be applied in the classroom in order to improve learning.

Colchester: Sixth form on a knife edge

The southern section heat of the East Region sixth form Public Speaking Competition had students talking about the topic of knife crime and violence.

Five alive to public speaking: Colchester and Essex

Five teams competed in the Northern Section Heat of the East Region Sixth Form Public Speaking Competition.

Judged to be ‘awe-inspiring’

Young member and volunteer, Anita Stern, tells us why she volunteers as a judge.

Brighton rocks!

Brighton member Neil Hargreaves tells us how the Brighton branch is promoting the Public Speaking Competition to local state schools.

Spotlight on: Marjorie Page

We catch up with ESU member and volunteer, Marjorie Page about the oracy work she does with school in South Wales.

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