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Ameeta Sabharwal

Say hello to Ameeta Sabharwal, our ESU-Churchill Public Speaking Competition Coordinator for Hertfordshire

As President-Elect of Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland and Honorary Secretary of the Federation of International Women’s Associations in London, Ameeta Sabharwal is dedicated to empowering women, and helping to build bonds of international friendship, understanding and communication between them. It’s no surprise then that she was attracted to the work of the ESU, where she now volunteers as the Regional Coordinator for Hertfordshire for the ESU-Churchill Public Speaking Competition.

When did you join the ESU?
I joined in 2019. A friend invited me to a fabulous event at the impressive Dartmouth House where we were treated to some amazing speeches by the winners of the ESU-Churchill Public Speaking Competition.

Why did you join?
I joined because I fully believe in the vision and mission of the ESU in giving every child the opportunity to hone their communication skills of listening and speaking to deal with life’s challenges.

Why did you get involved with the PSC?
I chose to coordinate the PSC because it is a stimulating competition allowing students to develop their oracy skills in a friendly, non-combative and supportive environment. I really enjoy it and am inspired by and in awe of the young participants for their extensive research and the assured delivery of their speeches.

Tell us something surprising about you.
Whilst I am a confident person, I am a not a natural public speaker. I prepare and rehearse my speeches in front of a mirror for several days.

What words of advice do you have for students taking part in the PSC?
‘A diamond is a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well’- Go Shine!

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