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‘The week I spent teaching in Romania was among the most rewarding and enjoyable times of my life’

Debate Tours

Two Japanese ladies walking towards an oriental shrine

In brief

Global understanding and international friendship are at the heart of the English-Speaking Union and one of the many ways in which we encourage this is by offering opportunities for experienced debaters to take part in tours offered by our International ESUs and partner organisations.

The tours offer the opportunity for participants to develop their training skills and to experience another culture and country with all expenses paid. They also offer a chance for both nations to learn from each other and share ideas, both through public speaking and debating events, and through more informal cultural and social activities.

What to expect

Tours typically run for one to two weeks and Oracy Leaders are expected to deliver debate coaching (to students and/or teachers), attend outreach events and lend organisational support to debate competitions, helping to embed debating in classrooms around the world.

Our debate tours have been running since 1922 and have taken place in countries including Rwanda, Morocco, Turkmenistan, China and, most recently, Italy and Romania. Applications are open to our Oracy Leaders and Competition Leads, who are current students or alumni of a UK university. Details of any current tour vacancies will circulated to our Oracy Leader and Competition Lead network directly.

A person speaking from the podium and the other team listening to the arguments
2017 ESUJ Model Debate 10.08

‘The week I spent teaching in Romania was among the most rewarding and enjoyable times of my life. The sightseeing in the evenings allowed us to bond with the students and talk to them about debating in a real-world setting, which was hugely rewarding.’

Elle McLoughlin, 2018 Romania debate tour

Why do it?

  • Opportunity to travel internationally with all expenses paid
  • Chance to improve your teaching/coaching skills
  • A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a country’s culture and to meet people from differing walks of life
  • Increased cultural awareness and a broader perspective on life
  • Key differentiator on CVs and interesting point of discussion at interviews
  • Social activities provide the chance to make new friends from all over the world
Three secondary school students standing close together in a group hug smiling and holding a paper map together.

How to get involved

If you represent an organisation that is interested in hosting a debate tour, please email for further details.

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