Amanda MoorghenResearch and Resources Senior Officer

Armistice Day Teaching Resource: Giving students the chance to reflect on important issues

Thursday 09 Nov 2017

Our new resource offers a helpful way to discuss the issues surrounding Remembrance Day and the Poppy Appeal – why not try it out in your classroom?

Remembrance Day is, and should be, more than just silence and poppy-wearing. At this time of year, there is an opportunity for everyone to reflect on some of the big questions underpinning our society.

At the English-Speaking Union, we think that that a controlled environment like a classroom is a perfect opportunity for all young people to discuss and understand, sensitive or controversial issues such as this.

Classroom discussion and debate allows students to learn the facts and dispel any misconceptions they may have about an issue. Crucially, it also allows them to  listen to other peoples viewpoints, and to consider different perspectives. This enables students to critically reflect on their own views and learn constructive methods for dealing with disagreement and conflict.

To mark this year’s Remembrance Day, we’ve released an activity plan that uses debate to encourage students to think about the issues surrounding Armistice Day. This format can also be applied to other topics - so do try it out next time you have a tricky issue to tackle!

Download the resource here.