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Grab your hats and let’s go island-hopping – 3 debating activities for the summer term

Amanda Moorghen - Head of Impact and Resources08 Jun 2018

The summer term is here and competitions season at the ESU is over for another year. But – this doesn’t mean oracy has to stop!

If it hasn’t been already, summer term is a great time to turn your debating or public speaking club or class over to your students. More experienced members will have a lot to pass on

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One of our recent ESU public speaking champions shares his thoughts on oracy and the value of cultural exchange…

Every year the ESU plays host to the International Public Speaking Competition (IPSC), where young people from over 50 countries meet in London for a week of competition and cultural exchange. England & Wales public

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Where could the ESU take you?

Sara Su Jones - Secondary School Exchange scholar29 May 2018

From Massachusetts to a fairy-tale castle in Gloucestershire...

Sara Su Jones, an independent educational coach, is a professional-standard violinist and a trained lawyer. She came to Westonbirt school in Gloucestershire from America in 1991 for the ESU Secondary School Exchange.

We caught up

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Does debating help you deal with stress?

Michael Hepburn - Education Network Officer15 May 2018

This week is mental health awareness week and the theme for this year is ‘stress’. We asked debaters how debating has helped them navigate trying times

Ask many university debaters if debating can help deal with stress and the sarcastic reply will be ‘Are you serious?University debating is fiercely competitive and it’s not uncommon for debaters to get so into

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Ensuring that girls are given a voice

Lucy McDonnell - Head of Editorial04 May 2018

This year’s ESU-Churchill Public Speaking Competition played host to a series of great speeches – 100% of which were delivered by girls

With subjects as diverse as human cloning, the freedom to rebel and how to measure happiness, the choice of topics for this year’s public speaking final did not disappoint.

Equally, the delivery and quality of

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