A visit to the Linnean Society at Burlington House

Monday 23 October 2017

The Linnean Society Visit – 19 October 2017

As a follow-up to our talk on 5th October 2017 a party of 14 members of Epping Forest Branch visited the Linnean Society at its UK headquarters at Burlington House in Piccadilly, London.  We were welcomed by Linda Brooks who had given the talk on the Society and was keen to show us the accumulated paperwork and exhibits produced by its founder, Carl Linnaeus.  Since the exhibits are mostly over 250 years old they are very carefully stored in a vault where temperature, humidity and light levels are firmly controlled.  The extent of the written notes, which comprise many thousands of pages, is breathtaking in terms of the sheer effort required.  In addition to the paperwork there are massive numbers of dried, pressed flowers and a vast collection of creatures such as insects, bees, butterflies, moths – all of which had been identified, named and codified by Linnaeus during his life’s work.  The society is currently transforming all the documents into electronic records so as to reduce the loss of records by natural decay.

After our tour of the vault, the library and the lecture hall, we were then provided with an excellent lunch.  All in all it was a first class event, one of many which, by generating funds, allows our branch to help ESU achieve its various goals.

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