Everest Pioneer

Thursday 15 March 2018, 11 am

Sandra Noel, Captain John Noel' wife and photographer to the expedition of 1922 and 1924 will give a talk entitled Everest Pioneer.  Giving teaching a miss, and having caught the travel bug from her father, she followed a period in Italy studying History of Art with many years in the travel business criss-crossing the world. She is now a Blue Badge guide in SE England.

11 for 11.30 am at Oake Manor Golf Club. Luncheon to follow.

Please contact Charles Scott for more information: charles@charlesscott@plus.com

Luncheon cost is £19.50 for members and £22.00 for guests.

Non-members attending lectures only are asked to make a voluntary donation of £5 for the cultural and educational programmes of the ESU.


Oake Manor Golf Club