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Closing Date: 5 May 2015

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London Debate Challenge

Preparations are now being made for the London Debate Challenge 2015. 

The London Debate Challenge 2015 Handbook is available here.  

Please note: three Borough rounds are not centrally administered, but should be directly contacted.
Enfield: and/or 
Wandsworth: and/or

For more information please contact Competitions Officer Gareth Williams

The London Debate Challenge is of massive importance in giving students from state schools across the capital involved in developing the skills of critical analysis and reasoning, as well as confidence in expression and delivery, that allow students to grow both within their educational environment and personally. Through a mixture of competition and training, the competition aims to include students of all educational backgrounds in an extra-curricular activity that they otherwise may not get access to.

The London Debate Challenge is a competition for state and maintained school students in years 7 to 9 that takes place in each of the 33 boroughs of London, with the winners from each borough going on to compete at the London Finals Day.

The competition is split into two parts: 

Borough Competition (mid-March- June 5th): Each Team takes part in two debates. The two best teams will compete in the Borough Final.
The Borough round will take place at some point within this time period, agreed upon by all schools in the Borough.  

Final Day (July 3rd): Borough Winners will compete on the Final Day. After 3 Rounds of Debate, the two best teams will compete in the Grand Final. 

As part of the London Debate Challenge’s goal of increasing participation in debating, we will also be providing coaching with some of our most experienced mentors within the borough day.

With the London Debate Challenge now being organised centrally by the English-Speaking Union, registration will be conducted centrally electronically. 

Participation in the competition is completely free at all stages. 

If you have any questions, please contact Competitions Officer Gareth Williams

We look forward to seeing you in this year’s London Debate Challenge.