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Please note that Dartmouth House is closed to members on Wednesday 29th June and Thursday 30th June 2016.

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Welcome to the English-Speaking Union Alumni Network!

The Alumni Network is designed to keep former participants in touch with one another through events, reunions and regular news updates whilst keeping abreast with the ESU's work. There are also many opportunities for Alumni to volunteer and give support to our current programme participants as well as paid opportunities at the ESU.

We have sadly lost touch with many of our Alumni over the years therefore if you have ever taken part in an ESU programme, or received a scholarship or award, then you can register here as an Alumnus/-a.

Alex is our new Alumni Officer so feel free to drop her line at We love to hear stories about the experiences Alumni have had on ESU programmes and how it impacted on their lives, and equally keep track of what our Alumni have gone on to do since. If you would like to share your story, make an announcement in the newsletter or make suggestions for the next Alumni event then please get in touch with Alex either by email or telephone on 0207 529 1596.

If you would like to share your ESU Alumni story then you can do so here.

For more information follow us on Facebook and twitter.


Anthea Morton

Anthea Morton (nee Davey) was awarded an ESU Secondary School Scholarship to Phillips Academy, Massachusetts in 1991

Anthea Morton

Katrin Fallmann

Katrin studies at the University of Warwick and has been working as an ESU Mentor since January 2016.

Katrin Fallmann

Rob Carroll

Rob Carroll is a former Royal Shakespeare Company actor turned English and Drama teacher. Find out about what led him to teach Shakespeare…

Rob Carroll

Shahira Ghani

The teachers behind the debate competitions: Shahira Ghani is a teacher who has been training students for the ESU Schools’ Mace for the past five years.

ESU Schools' Mace

Dr Martin Laming

This is the story of astrophysicist Dr Martin Laming who is one of our Lindemann Fellows.


Bilal Mahmood

An interview with ESU debate Alumni and governor, Bilal Mahmood

Bilal Mahmood

Sophia Taylor

An Interview with ESU National Public Speaking 2015 winner Sophia Taylor

Sophia Taylor

Mary Nugent

Interview with ESU Debate Alumna Mary Nugent

Mary Nugent

Alma Ágústsdóttir

Alma Ágústsdóttir represented Iceland at the ESU International Public Speaking Competition Finals and was the overall winner for 2015.

Alma Ágústsdóttir 1

Sona Karapetyan

Sona Karapetyan reflects on her experience of representing Armenia at the International Public Speaking Competition in 2009.

Sona Karapetyan

Joy Leaman

How one alumnus helped shape the future of SSE scholar Joy Leaman

Joy Leaman Wedding

Erin Campbell

From ESU Scholarship to UK Citizen: Erin Campbell, an American student from New York who came to the UK on an ESU scholarship.

Westonbirt School

Jak Wawrzyniak

UK SSE Scholar Who Went To America And Never Returned…

Jak Wawrzyniak Football

Sarah Hughes

Sarah Hughes is a teacher for visually impaired pupils and received a Walter Hines Page Scholarship to go to the USA

Sarah Hughes 5

Kathleen Asbery

Kathleen Asbery was the first ever recipient of the ESU Travelling Librarian Award in 1965

Kathleen Asbery

Daphne Carroll James

This is the account of Daphne’s experiences of the Secondary School Exchange scholarship to America during the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s

Martin Luther King

Mane Adamyan

Mane Adamyan was the representative for Armenia in the 2010 International Public Speaking Competition

Mane Adamyan

Dick Clement OBE

This is the account of the screenwriter Dick Clement OBE who took part in the Secondary School Exchange programme in 1955

Dick Clement